Research focused in biogeography, spatial ecology
and landscape change

Our goal is to provide sound science to resource managers and policy makers to help shape ecosystem management and conservation as we move into an uncertain future.

The Biogeography & Landscape Dynamics lab is run by Dr. Tim Assal and housed in the Department of Geography at Kent State University. In our research, we frame broad questions related to ecosystem resilience, resistance and vulnerability with regard to natural and anthropogenic disturbance as we move into an uncertain future. Focal points of scientific inquiry strive to contribute answers toward the following question:

How can ecological legacies of past disturbance provide insight into our
understanding and management of current and future landscapes?

Our work also contributes toward monitoring the status and trends of key natural resources and assessing the effectiveness of management actions on the conservation of populations, communities, and ecosystems.

In addition to scientific inquiry, the work in our lab aims to contribute toward the following questions:

How can we integrate diverse data to reduce data gaps and develop
products that inform ecosystem understanding across scales?

We have access to more data than ever before, but data alone cannot solve problems as ecological questions are often stymied by data gaps. It is both a challenge and great opportunity for scientists to harness its power and translate big data into knowledge to answer pressing questions.

How do we prepare the next generation of thinkers and doers with the
knowledge and tools to tackle the challenges that face our world?

Teaching students open science principles increases transparency in the scientific workflow, increases collaborative capacity and increases equity in computational and geospatial science.

Please see our Lab Notebook for the latest lab news and information.

Please see here for information on joining the lab; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and our Land Acknowledgment.