Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Tim Assal, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
McGilvrey Hall, Office 437

Tim is a biogeographer, landscape ecologist, and applied remote sensing scientist studying the effects of disturbance on forest and shrubland ecosystems. He combines field studies, satellite sensors, and computer modeling to identify when, where and why change took place – typically through a measure of the rate and pattern of environmental change. His primary goal is to provide sound science to both resource managers and policy makers to help shape ecosystem management and conservation as we move into an uncertain future. Prior to his current appointment, he spent a number of years working as an applied Research Ecologist at the United States Geological Survey Fort Collins Science Center where he maintains a number of collaborations. He is also an affiliate faculty member in the Department of Anthropology & Geography Program at Colorado State University.

Graduate Students

Bryanna Norlin
M.S. student, Geography

Bryanna is interested in natural resources management, remote sensing and spatial analysis. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology from Kent State University and is a first generation college graduate.

Sarah Ventura
M.S. student, Geography

Sarah is interested on the impacts of climate change on vegetation (and pretty much everything else in Geography). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Kent State University and lives on a sheep farm.

Undergraduate Students

Jeremy Salvo
B.S. student, Geology

Jeremy assists with dendrochronology (tree core samples) related tasks and will likely get involved with a lot more soon. He’s interested in ecological restoration, remote sensing, soil science and hydrology and loves plants and fungi. He is pursuing his degree in Geology.

Research Staff

Hana Matsumoto
Research Assistant

Hana assists with data wrangling, geospatial analysis and mapping tasks using R and Google Earth Engine. She recently graduated from Kent State with a B.S. degree in Conservation Biology and a minor in GIS.

Lab Alumni

Michelle Escalambre
M.A. Geography (2020)
Now - Environmental Science and Design Research Institute, Kent State University

Michelle completed her thesis on the impacts of trails to wildlife movement through urban corridors in the Cleveland Metroparks. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Miami University.

Nick Manning - cv
Research Assistant (2020-2021)
Now - Graduate Student, Michigan State University

Nick performed geospatial analysis, data wrangling, and wrote a ton of (Google Earth Engine and R) code. He pretty much set up a lot of our reproducible workflows in the lab. He holds dual degrees in Geology (B.S) & Environmental Studies (B.A.) from Kent State University.

Nicolle Di Domenico
Field Team (2021)
Now - Graduate Student, Penn State University

A close friend of the lab for quite some time, Nikki provided us with rockstar field assistance. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from Kent State University.

Mainul Islam
M.S. Geography (2021)
Now - PhD Student, University of Iowa

Mainul measured the extent and severity of cyclonic disturbance (Cyclone Sidr 2007) in the Sundarbans mangrove ecosystem in Bangladesh using Google Earth Engine. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Khulna University of Engineering & Technology in Bangladesh.