I recently contributed a chapter entitled “Quaking Aspen: The Iconic and Dynamic Deciduous Tree of the Rocky Mountains” to an AAG special volume . The goal of the essay was to describe aspen’s dynamic nature, challenges associated with stewardship, and current management-science efforts in the West to a broad audience. The open access volume, Denver and the Rocky Mountain West, is a compendium of short essays on topics of geographic interest about the region as opposed to traditional research articles. The book was published by the American Association of Geographers to commemorate the host region of the 2020 meeting. Unfortunately the conference was cancelled due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Rumor has it the meeting might return to Denver in 2023.

Paul Rogers, Western Aspen Alliance and Utah State University, Dale Bartos, USFS (retired) and others discuss aspen regeneration during an “Aspen Days” workshop in 2013 sponsored by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Top image: Aspen stand in the Sierra Madre Mountains, Wyoming.